Help a hotel go all artisanal (and your community stay that way)

Tennessee farm courtesy TabletLaurent Vernhes and Michael Davis recently looked at what we might call the “artisanal hotel.” This is a hotel that stands at the center of a farm on which all kinds of artisanal activities are taking place. (See the article by Laurent and Michael here.)

As Laurent and Michael see it,

As the farm-to-table movement grows and travelers seek more artisanal experiences, hotels with an intimate focus on food are surging in popularity.

They offer Blackberry Farm as a case in point.

Along with being well-named, Blackberry Farm is a well-oiled machine when it comes to gathering the requisite ingredients for a full-on foodie experience: teams of gardeners, foragers, brewers, preservationists, and livestock handlers partner with local farmers to generate the decadent final products found in their haute-comfort menus. What’s more, they’re thrilled to walk you through their meticulous process. There’s truly no way to better consume the unpretentious cuisine of the Tennessee Smoky Mountain foothills.

Artisans can be a little isolated, toiling alone without the benefits of a larger economic “ecosystem” of fellow producers and a ready supply of consumers. An artisanal hotel can help solve this problem. It makes a center for the community and it creates a larger enterprise that helps multiply everyone’s efforts, opportunities and markets.

I can see a time when a group of artisans undertakes a search for someone who is prepared to create a local hotel-farm. It’s good for everyone.

Thanks to Andy Morris for finding this story and to Tablet for the photo.

Grant McCracken

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