Is there an artisanal answer for unemployed youth?

youth unemployment

Youth unemployment is a critical problem for Western economies. Here, courtesy of The Spectator, are the terrifying figures for Europe.

The US does a little better.

youth unemployment US

The artisanal economy can help. It doesn’t take much capital to get started. You can use available resources. It can be companionable, especially when artisans band together to share skills and resources. And of course you get to be your own boss and to keep much of the value you create. You are captain of your own enterprise and fate. You will learn skills, initiatives and disciplines that will carry you into a lifetime of work. Plus, the results can be as forthcoming as your next farmer’s market.

One of the particular demons of all unemployment is despair. And this demon comes with demons of its own: opioid addiction, domestic breakdown, a loss of initiative, a sense of disorientation.

Anyone who is unemployed carries a heavy emotional burden. But for young people who have yet to hold their first “real” or “meaningful” job, the burden is especially punishing.

We here at AEP hope to bring the artisanal “message” to young people in particular.

Grant McCracken

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