Josh Poling on restaurants, farmer’s markets and local farms

Josh Poling opened Hickory & Oak in Bowling Green, Kentucky in 2017. I had an opportunity to talk to him when he was running his legendary Home Cafe. Here’s what he had to say about the relationship between restaurants and local farms.

“We go to the farmers market and shake hands and exchange smiles. Sourcing foods is just as much about the relationships as it is the product. For us, when we buy from these farms, we’re almost a part of their families. We buy from Need More Acres Farm. I went up and helped (farm owner) Nathan Howell put up his high tunnel. It helps you grow cold weather crops. It’s like a big greenhouse. For me, by making sure all these local farms succeed and have great products, I’m making sure my restaurant succeeds.”

For more about Hickory & Oak:

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