Here at the Artisanal Economies Project (AEP), we believe that the US will continue to shift from an industrial to a digital economy.

At a minimum, this means two things: jobs will become more scarce and social problems will multiply.

We believe Artisanal economies can help.

The AEP we are interested in enterprise that’s small scale, hand made, human scale, and capital unintensive. Bee keeping, local bakery, mobile BBQ, farmer’s market, that sort of thing.

Our first objective at AEP: to capture and codify best practice.

Our second: to create a document (print and digital) that helps smooth the path for people who think they might like to join the Artisanal Economies.

This is a not-for- profit undertaking. It’s funded out of the pockets of the participants. If you wish to make a contribution, let us know. We welcome patrons and sponsors.

For more on AEP, see the slide show here.

Here are the AEP board members: Sam Ford, Leora Kornfeld, Scott Miller, Grant McCracken, and Stephanie Smith.

And welcome to our latest board member, Craig Frazier.

Here’s Craig’s bio:

Craig Frazier is a designer and an illustrator. Craig opened his studio in 1979 in San Francisco and has built an international practice with a particular visual point of view. Wit, irony, and simplicity have become the currency of the Frazier style.

He is a frequent contributor to the NY Times and business publications like Time Magazine, Harvard Business Review, and The Wall Street Journal to name a few. He has an extensive roster of corporate clients including the U.S. Postal Service for whom he has designed seven postage stamps.