Project entry # 9: Working the farmer’s market!

On Friday, my wife and I went to the local farmer’s market. I walked past a booth called “Nutshell” and shot this quick 2 minute video with Will D’Agostino.

The great thing about Nutshell is that it shows how someone can start small and grow using only what flows into the till. (This is called “bootstrapping.”)

Will has bootstrapped his way to a flourishing enterprise. He has grown to 15 locations in just a couple of years.

A couple of things:

Farmer’s markets served as his base, as a market and as a community.

Recently he used food-specific crowd-funding platform called Pieshell.

One of the challenges for Nutshell: Finding help in the kitchen and distribution.

Getting packaging at the right price is also tricky. Packaging is important for marketing but expensive. (By the by, my wife, a designer, admired the design work someone did for Nutshell. So much of the artisanal proposition turns on getting the design right.)

Will created a Food Forum to brings local people together to support one another. This might be a topic for another interview.

Grant McCracken

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